"It's Friday but Sunday's Coming"

By Jeep Collins



Years ago someone gave me a compact disc of a sermon by Tony Campollo.  I don’t recall who gave it to me but it was the most remembered sermon I ever heard.

Campollo told of a time he was asked to speak at a black church on Good Friday I think in Philadelphia.   When it was his time to preach he got up and gave his sermon.  He recalled that he was really fired up and when he was through he took his seat by the old black pastor and gave him a smug smile as if to say, “beat that one brother.”

The old white headed man smiled back at him and patted him on the knee as if to say, “that was good, but you just listen to the old master.”  He came up to the podium and slowly and in a quiet voice began.


     “It’s Friday - Jesus is praying - Peter’s a sleeping - Judas is betraying - But Sunday’s comin.It’s Friday - Pilate’s struggling - The council is conspiring - The crowd is vilifying - They don’t even know - That Sunday’s comin.

    It’s Friday - The disciples are running like sheep without a shepherd - Mary’s crying - Peter is denying - but they don’t know - That Sunday’s a comin.

     The old pastor raises his voice a little and picks up a little speed.

     It’s Friday - The Romans beat my Jesus - They robe Him in scarlet - They crown Him with thorns - But they don’t know - That Sunday’s comin.

     It’s Friday - See Jesus walking to Calvary - His blood dripping - His body stumbling - And His spirit’s burdened - But you see, it’s only Friday - Sunday’s comin.

     It’s Friday - The world’s winning - People are sinning - And evil’s grinning.

     The pastor is raising his voice and the crowd participates.

     It’s Friday, (they say) The soldiers nail my Savior’s hands to the cross - They nail my Savior’s feet to the cross - And then they raise him up- Next to criminals.

     “It’s Friday” - But let me tell you something”  The congregation shouts, “Sunday’s comin.”

     It’s Friday - The disciples are questioning - What has happened to their King - And the Pharisees are celebrating - That their scheming has been achieved - But they don’t know - It’s only Friday - Sunday’s comin’

     It’s Friday - He’s hanging on the cross - Feeling forsaken by His Father - Left alone and dying - Can nobody save Him?

     It’s Friday - But Sunday’s comin’

     It’s Friday - The earth trembles - The sky grows dark - My King yields His spirit.

     It’s Friday - Hope is lost - Death has won - Sin has conquered - and Satan’s just a laughin’
     It’s Friday - Jesus is buried - A soldier stands guard - And a rock is rolled into place - But it’s Friday - It is only Friday.” 

Sunday is a comin"



  • Cathy - July 29, 2017

    Thank you, Jeep, for posting this message. It’s very powerful. I’ve read it on your Journal site already several times, and I have remembered its message often.

  • Tommy - June 09, 2017

    Get ready…THE LORD IS COMIN !!!!

  • Wanda Wilson - April 17, 2017


  • Robert - April 14, 2017

    Very good message. Just what we are studying in John. Sunday is coming. Amen.

  • Carole - April 14, 2017

    Awesome Jeep and through my tears Sunday is coming, hallelujah!?❤️

  • Vicki Rudloff - April 14, 2017

    Thank you for this message. So powerful especially in these times that we are living. Christ has died for us and we must stand strong and remember that Sunday is coming and he will return again!!

  • Carol Keske - April 14, 2017

    wow!What a message! Sunday is a comin!

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