Nancy Buckelew's G. Great Grandfather Frank Buckelew Captured by Indians

By Jeep Collins

In my early days at Medina elementary school I learned that my classmate Nancy Buckelew’s great grandfather was captured by Indians.  I was impressed because I was a big “Western’s” fan when we got television, and even before from the stories of the old west told me by my dad. Here was a real life descendant of a fourteen year old boy who lived with indians for eleven months.

The years passed and I read about “white captives” but I never knew much about her great grandfather.  I saw Nancy at our class reunion recently and she loaned me the book written about him by T.S Dennis.  It was extra interesting to me because he was captured on the south side of the divide from our ranch, in the Sabinal watershed.

After his escape he worked on different ranches, but...

“I could never get away from the impression to preach.  I renewed my vows to God and decided to live for Him the rest of my days and do His bidding.  In 1895 I was licensed to preach by the Methodist Episcopal church, the ordination services being held in the Methodist church that now stands in the town of Bandera.”

Frank Buckelew

Love Your Enemies

Many were the pains I suffered,
Heavy was the cross I bore,
But the lord who knew my troubles,
Led the way and walked before.
When the sky was covered over,
And the sun-light seemed to fade,
Then the lord would gently whisper,
“I am near, be not afraid.”
“Can you forgive the heathen?”
I would hear the Savior say,
“They are groping now in darkness,
While you have the light of day,”
You will meet them in the Judgement
All will stand before the Lord
If on earth you fail to love them,
You will miss your great reward.
Did I not for heathen suffer?
Even on the cruel cross,
Left my lovely home in Heaven,
Here to seek and save the lost.”
Then I asked Him to forgive me,
And impart His love to me,
Softly then I heard Him whisper;
“I will, from sin I make thee free.”
Now I love them and forgive them,
And I give the Lord the praise,
Had I now a chance to meet them,
I would teach them of His ways.


T.S. Dennis, Author of Frank Buckelew's biography

Photo:  Nancy Buckelew in the first grade