Where Ya Headed Pilgrim?

By Jeep Collins

Pilgrims and Strangers

...To God’s elect, strangers in the world… I Peter 1:1

I don’t feel like a stranger in my world.  I've lived in Fredericksburg for 45 years and I feel comfortable here. I have friends, and many acquaintances. Wherever I go I see people I know and often have short friendly visits.  When I travel to foreign countries my comfort level goes down, and then I meet up with my fellow workers and I suddenly feel comfortable and at home.

But I think Peter is talking about something else here; a different kind of stranger.  A stranger not to the people we know and feel comfortable with, but a stranger to the world around us.

When we read the description of heaven found in the book of Revelation and others.  It is a beautiful picture of the home God has prepared for us. The more we think about that place, the more we long for it, especially as we get older and our bodies and the world where we live are falling apart. The difficulties we face whether it be health issues, family issues, financial or whatever are only temporary to those who have the certain hope of heaven.

I grew up in the hill country west of Medina, a small town on the other side of Kerrville. The country there is beautiful and the town in the 1950’s was like Mayberry on the Andy Griffith show.

After my time in the Marine Corps I planned on going back there to live on the ranch where I grew up, but when I returned my father had sold it. I was heartbroken; all the four years away while in the Marines I pictured myself coming back there - but now it was gone. I accepted it and ended up in Fredericksburg, and am glad that I did.  The 45 years that I have lived here have been good, and this is the place where my faith has grown.

I now live only a short distance from town on a beautiful place in the country.  I have a lovely wife, I have a good family, I have a good life and I am very appreciative for all of that.  All this gives me a sense of satisfaction, but it is only temporary - a place to hang my hat while I live on this earth.

I know that in a heartbeat all that can be lost to me forever.  I also know that in another heartbeat I will be entering my permanent home and when I do I will never look back with regret.  I am a pilgrim here, there I will be a citizen; to me this is a certainty. A certainty not by my own merits,  but by the work Jesus did on the cross of Calvary for me and all mankind.

Do you know where you're headed Pilgrim?