Open Your Eyes and See

By Jeep Collins

Pepito is a little first grade boy that lives in a communist country. One day he came to school very excited to tell his teacher that his cat had had seven communist kittens. The teacher was also very excited at hearing this as it meant that she was getting through to her kids.

“That is wonderful,” she said to Pepito, “the district administrator will be here next week and I would like you to tell her about your kittens.”

The following week the administrator came and Pepito’s teacher said to her, “one of my students has some news he would like to share with you; Pepito tell the administrator about your kittens.”

“Well Senora, my cat had three communist kittens.”

“Only three,” the teacher said, “I thought last week she had seven.”

“Si Senora,” he replied, “but four of them opened their eyes.”

Chapter 9 of John’s gospel tells the story of a man born blind and is given sight by Jesus. This man now could see trees, the dusty street, the beautiful temple in Jerusalem, but more importantly as the story unfolds we see him seeing the truth of who Jesus is; the Son of God.

This man to whom Jesus gave sight illustrates the spiritual condition of every human being until God brings His light to their darkness.  Every human is born sinful and alienated from God just as this man was born unable to see.  In fact, he could not even imagine what seeing was, until Jesus walked up to him.