All Men are like Grass

By Jeep Collins

When the election is over in November and we have a new president, some of the people of the United States will be happy, some will be angry, disillusioned, and discouraged, and others will be indifferent.  Presidents come and go, like the kings of Judah and Israel, some are good and others are not.  

In the book of Revelation I find a hope that is certain:  God will establish His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.  It may be soon, or it may be many years away, but it will come; God’s Word makes this a certainty.  He does not make unkept promises.  His words are true and stand forever.

As the events of Revelation unfold two classes of people will be revealed; not democrats or republicans, conservatives or liberals, not rich or poor, but those redeemed by God’s grace; citizens of the new earth, and those who rejected Him.  The path to citizenship in this great kingdom is through Jesus Christ.  He will be our ruler and His love will dwell in our hearts.  

When we see our world crumbling around us, whether in the big picture, or the personal areas of our lives, “let not your heart be troubled."

“All men are like grass,

And all their glory is like the flowers

of the field;

the grass withers and the flowers fall,

But the word of the Lord stands


I Peter 3:24,25

Photo:  The flag flew at 2d Battalion, 7the Marines Forward operating Base Sabit Qadam, Sangin District, Helmand Province, Afganistan on 15 January 2013.  Given to me by Lieutenant Coleman Akin USMC