The Creche - 2008 Nativity

The Creche - 2008 Nativity

sterling silver and wood pendant

2" X 1 1/8"

The first to be mounted on wood, this truly unique design will not go unnoticed. In fact, we felt it was so special it deserved a name other than just Nativity 2008. This piece was clearly the most stately and artistic representation to date and therefore we named it The Creche. Perhaps when not wearing it you might pin it to a velvet cloth within an ornate frame to enjoy all year long.

 St. Francis put together the very first Christmas creche in the little town of Greccio. The year was 1223. The story is preserved for us in Thomas of Celano's  "First Life of St. Francis". Through the years, Jeep has designed new Nativities, but this one is quite unique with the dark wood background. 

$ 235.00