The Team

Jerry Bill

Jerry came by the workshop on April 16th 1980 after hearing that I was looking for jewelry craftsmen. At 6 a.m. the following morning he came to work; we started early in those days to beat the heat; no air conditioning.

He was the first of our craftsmen to master the art of the handmade pieces; those cut, hammered and shaped directly from metal. In the early years when our business was growing he became the principal teacher of aspiring young craftsmen that came to us with no experience.

Over the years he has helped me with just about every job there is on our little ranch, from putting a new roof on the old house to working cattle. He loves making jewelry, especially knowing that what he does is appreciated by those who have an appreciation for the handmade quality.

Jerry has come to be our good friend, and most importantly a friend of Christ, and inheritor of the kingdom of God.

Rosa Rivera

In the late summer of 1987 we had an order for several hundred brass candy canes from “The Christmas Store” in College Station and needed help to get them done on schedule. Jerry called his wife’s aunt, Rosa, to see if she would come give us a hand. She came the next day, which happened to be Labor Day and never left.

Rosa shoots wax models for the lost wax casting process, she finishes the cast pieces, makes chains, sews bookmarks; she does it all. Her laughter is a joy to hear around the shop. It gives the rest of us a sense that all is well.

Rosa is a devout Catholic and Acts retreat veteran. When we did a little Acts cross for the youth of her church, she and Jerry prayed for each recipient of the crosses, that they would come to faith in Christ.

Rosa is our sister in Christ and we love her dearly.

Darlene Folse

Darlene and her husband Joe came to Texas from Louisiana, spent some time in Houston, where she visited our store, and then found Fredericksburg. When she saw our ad in the local paper for a bookkeeper she was already familiar with us and came over and started keeping our books. She has been with us since 2005. Now that we no longer have the workshop and her old office she works from home. We see her every Monday when she comes out to trade paperwork.

Darlene has become a good friend of Dana’s and mine; we have much in common, especially our faith. She is active in “Transform”, an after school mentoring program for young children K - 7 sponsored by our church and did the Revelation BSF study this year. Darlene, Dana and I are all looking forward to the study of John this coming Fall.

Dana and I are blessed to have these three wonderful folks to be a part of our team. ~ Jeep