1. My Mother Enid Collins

By Jeep Collins

My mother, the famous handbag designer of the 1960’s would be 98 years old today. Her colorful jeweled totes and box bags were in every major department store in the country.  She was my art teacher and inspiration in my own work, and it was her faith and the way she lived her life that led me to a deeper understanding of God.  For years I have wanted to tell the story of my mom and dad, Frederic and Enid Collins coming back to Texas after WWII to ranch and then making ladies handbags. Most of the people who knew them are gone now including my sister Cynthia; how I wish I had her to help me recollect the memories. Over the next few months I will post some of the stories of those early years ranching, and the start of their handbag business known as Collins of Texas. 

 Photo:  Enid on Klondike, late 1940's 

Update: Enid, a memoir to be published April 2021. Learn more at enidcollinsstory.com.

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