Man Plans His Ways but God Directs His Steps

By Jeep Collins

Proverbs 16:9  

Three years ago Dana and I decided that it was time to end our jewelry careers.  We sold our workshop, office, and retail store and moved the workshop into an old house on our place in the country.  Our plan was to continue making BSF jewelry for the time being, and put our inventory on sale.  The response to the sale was so good, and the well wishers so kind, that we continued to produce some items that had sold out.  At that time we had two craftsmen, Jerry and Rosa who had made jewelry for us for a combined 55 years.  

As  many of you know we make our plans, but God has His own design for our lives. Three  years have passed, we still have a small amount of stock and Jerry and Rosa are still here working one day a week.  We want to continue to make BSF jewelry, so why not continue to make a limited amount of our all time favorite pieces.  “Why not,” Dana and I said to each other, so that is what we intend to do.

There is something else.  For the last two years I have been doing a lot of writing.  I have written a novel; historical fiction during the Mexican revolution that I hope to publish soon.  Also several short messages based on devotions that have had special meaning to me, experiences of the some 60 mission trips I have been on since 2001, a personal history of my parents; modern (1940’s) pioneers in the Texas hill country, and our jewelry business, and current life in the country.  These shorts will appear over time on our new website.  The passion of this new venture above all is to make Jesus Christ known; to bring His light into a dark world.  




  • Michael Meek - September 17, 2016

    I have admired much of your Creations for years. I Pray Richness of God in your future.

  • Daron Tuckey - August 25, 2016

    I think it really sums up the whole Bible u can get a lot of wisdom and knowledge from it I mean it’s all there all it takes is inheriting understanding I love it it’s so strong and intense u actually feel the power of God just by reading God Bless Pleasant words can not only sound sweet but can also be a healing to us and strengthen us as verse 24 shows.

  • Susie Kaiser - August 23, 2016

    This is so great to hear. Do you think you might begin designing and making a new nativity scene each year? I own 5 of them and have been planning a shadow box display for them.
    God Bless you!

  • Nancy - August 09, 2016

    Thanks for the recent information. I have some of your pieces from many years ago. My favorite is the rose ring which I wear on my middle finger. God bless you and your family.

  • Jackie - August 06, 2016

    God is good ❤️

  • Paula C Huffman - August 03, 2016

    Wonderful testimony, praise God for His faithfulness! My sister and I both have all the BSF charms on our bracelets. BSF is blessed study of God’s Word. And what a blessing for you to honor each study through your jewelry. Thank you

  • Jill Carlson - August 03, 2016

    God is great! I am so happy you will still be making some pieces. I love my Jeep Collins Jewelry. My husband and children have given me pieces for years. I will be letting my husband know so he can start planning for Christmas!

  • Betsey West - August 02, 2016

    God’s Blessings to you and your wife. l have worn your beautiful pieces for years. Thank you for returning so.eod your pieces. The very best fora come back l know l want the the Lord back in the light of the world. May the Lord be in each of our hearts. Your pieces do that for all those who wear your hwarts

  • Dixie Estrem - August 02, 2016

    I am grateful you are still doing the BSF jewelry. I bought my first piece when my husband and I volunteered at Headquarters. Seven charms later and we are all going strong. Look forward to reading your writings. Blessings.

  • Sunny - August 02, 2016

    First, what a good-looking couple! Then, of course, what happy news. It is not just about lovely jewelry or even interesting life stories; it is so good to know that your are making each day count and making a difference in the lives of those you meet. May you and your family be blessed with joy in measure to what you impart.

  • Gay Ratheal - August 02, 2016

    I was so very pleased to see your email this afternoon. I have worn your jewelry for years and love it all. Often I wear something from you daily. As a Special Education Director, I would often give a special piece to a parent after the loss of a child. So you see you have made a big difference in many lives. Please continue to keep us informed.

  • Bonnie Greeley - July 28, 2016

    I am happy to hear that some of your pieces may still be available. I have always loved my pieces.

  • Joe Channell - July 28, 2016

    I’m looking forward to reading your book and messages, Jeep. Also looking forward to seeing you and Dana at our next marine corps reunion. God always has the better plan for our lives. He is faithful.
  • Melinda Pratt Crenwelge - July 28, 2016

    I’m thrilled to hear your exciting news. I will hold you and Dana in my prayers on this new phase God has in store for you—this too will be such a blessing to all you meet!! ?

  • R Acosta - July 27, 2016

    I worked for your company years ago and loved it so very much.
    So happy to hear you are still making beautiful jewelry! I cherish my pieces and still love being referred to as a Jeep girl ?

  • Kris Jellum - July 27, 2016

    I will look forward to reading your book when it is published! I love my BSF bracelet as do others that I know who have them. Thank you for following where the Lord leads!

  • Penny Warfel - July 27, 2016

    I visited your store 3 years ago when working at BSF headquarters. I purchased earrings. I love your story. I love your items. May God continue to bless.

  • Mary Mustard - July 27, 2016

    Love your site and excited that your unique jewelry will continue to be available. I see a pair of Santa Fe Loops in my near future! ?
    And I cannot wait to read the stories you’ll be sharing. Bless you, Jeep!

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