God in the Little Things

August 03, 2012 | by Dana Collins

Nicaraguan Transportation

This week with Jeep and Rachel both out of the office I have been holding the fort and feeling a bit overloaded. Then yesterday on my way home with the thought of facing ranch chores in 100 degree weather I found in my mailbox a letter from Katie Davis with Amazima Ministries. I believe this was God’s timing in that her message was about God being in the daily “little things” of life not just the big things, say, like mission trips. Hmm, this got my attention and I remembered that I was not really alone but He was with me. My part of Jeep’s mission trip is about obeying God and saying “yes” to doing the little things here at the workplace and at home with a joyful attitude, grateful for the opportunity, so that Jeep and Rachel could do what God had called them to do in the mission field. God is so good! Today I am pumped up and ready to face my day with a “yes” to the little things! (Luke 16:10)

Thanks for your prayers for Jeep and the team.




  • i know exactly what you mean...i was terribly sick with a migraine; feeling so sorry for myself; then got up to make two calls about "problems" with health care coverage(for me and one for my mother)...expecting people to be grumpy to me on the phone, exact opposite; both were the most polite, willing to talk and help kind of cheerful people...it took these two small conversations to realize that people care; and life could be so much worse!
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