The Call

August 04, 2012 | by Dana Collins

Jeep, Claire, Rachel

I continue to be blown away by how God is revealing Himself to me this week in many ways. This morning I picked up a devotional book I hadn’t read in a while, turned to where my marker was and read the message entitled “The Compelling Force of the Call” by Oswald Chambers. The verse it was based on was “Woe is me if I do not preach the gospel!” (1 Corinthians 9:16) That fact is, I miss Jeep a lot when he goes on these mission trips. But what I felt God was showing me clearly through His Word this morning is that Jeep goes because he is being obedient to God’s call . (Romans 1:1) Woe be to him if he does not go and woe be to me if I would ever stand in the way! Yikes! Jeep calling is to go where he feels God is sending him to share the gospel message and my calling is to give him my blessing and “hold the fort” while he is away. I must say that each time Jeep returns from a mission trip he comes back a better man and for this I am blessed beyond measure! God is good!

Thanks for your prayer! Jeep and the team will be home tonight!



  • It reminds me of the song "How Great Thou Are".Know that I always have you and yours in my prayers as you follow our God. IN His HAND.
    Billie Ann Keen
  • Just came back from The Holy Spirit Conference in MN (8 1-4). The theme was "To the Ends Of The Earth". Some of us did some street ministry by handing out water to be the practical face of Jesus. We also asked for 10 seconds to pray with those who got water. It was so awesome and I am hooked. I'm going to start small in my town and see where God leads. My devotions this morning and then this email just confirmed everything I have prayed about. GOD IS GOOD !!! Blessings to you all, Ruthie
    Ruth Davis
  • Hi Dana, I think of you and Jeep and wonder how you are doing. I use to play tennis with you when I lived in Fredericksburg in high school. I enjoyed those games so much and you were always so kind to me. Just wanted to say hi and thank you for your friendship. Barbara
    Barbara Sollohub
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