Bronze Age Leather and Bronze Bracelets

August 09, 2012 | by Dana Collins

Bronze Age Leather and Bronze Bracelets

Reminiscent of the early Collins of Texas bronze ornaments designed by Jeep’s dad, Frederic, we bring you these new sporty bronze leather bracelets. Those of you who are familiar with the Collins of Texas handbag company of the 60’s may notice the similar family artistry passed on.

See the new bracelets here in the bronze category. Hope you like them!



  • Hi Dana! I am not sure if you will remember me, but I worked with Carole for many years at the Austin store. The red head! Anyway....I love this bracelet and I would love to have one with a butterfly on it! I think it would be so pretty. I have always wanted to tell you and Jeep how much I loved working for you and I have such wonderful memories of my time there with Carole. It was an absolute blessing getting to be part of the Jeep Collins family! I will treasure it always!
    Janet Hobbs
  • The Bronze Butterfly is a great idea, Janet! And yes I do remember you. We have a Butterfly Cross named after you. Thanks for you kind words. Great to hear from you! Love, Dana
    Dana Collins
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